Hank IV is one of a handful of bands that we were a little too late on the grab. We saw them early on at a show in San Francisco and were floored. We wrote to get a record from them but both Plastic Idol and Hook or Crook had already hit them up for a single and a LP. They followed with a couple more on Siltbreeze. That still doesn't keep us from peddling Hank IV recs when we can and catching them live. One of the best bands to come out of San Francisco in years, their shows are a must see. Former members of a bunch of underground punk legends including the Icky Boyfriends. 

Hank IV will be playing night one of SS10, Friday, May 20 at the Bottom of the Hill.

HANK IV - GARBAGE STAR from cleanwhitelines on Vimeo.

Hank IV - Hole in My Eye by S. S. Records