We are not sure how many bands the mathematician Charles Albright is currently playing in. Nor do we know how many he has been in. Musicians in Sacramento, California tend to fill their days and nights with making music. Not content with playing guitar, drums and bass in a dozen or so combos, Young Charles decided to make a EP all by his lonesome, three songs which blew us up. We sold out the first pressing and put it out ourselves. Chicago's Permanent hit him up for a second record. And we are eagerly awaiting a third. While Charles can be seen playing almost every night in Sacramento it is always in someone else's band. SS10 will see one of his rare appearances doing his solo stuff as band leader. 

Charles Albright will be playing night one of SS10, Friday, May 20 at the Bottom of the Hill.  

Song: Charles Albright "I'm On Drugs"

Charles Albright - I'm a Fine Young Man and I'm Doing So Well by S. S. Records