The A Frames' 2001 "Plastica" 7" was S.S. Records's first release, and the second for the band. From there, the AF/S.S. relationship brought two LPs, two more singles, and an exhaustive triple-album archival set. During that time, the A Frames have built a reputation as one of the best rock & roll bands of the last ten years. They certainly are one of the few to have ruled the 2000's, strong enough to garner a deal from Sub Pop.

The A Frames have toured the United States several times and Europe once, and their shows are met with much enthusiasm. To have them headline one night of this shin-dig came without any thought or deliberation. Science dictated it. In recent times, the band has wounded down, with their drummer moving away. For this show the A Frames will have original member Lars Finberg (Intelligence) on drums.

The A Frames will be headlining the first night of SS10, Friday May 20 at the Bottom of the Hill.  

A Frames - Dressed in Black by S. S. Records