In 2001, S.S. Records was formed. The label's first record was a 7” by the A Frames. Since then S.S. Records has released records by Los Llamarada, Intelligence, Cheveu, Crash Normal. Lili Z., Baby 63, Cigarettes, Frustration, The Geeks, Dan Melchior, Duchess of Saigon, Sperm Wails,  Banque Allemande, XYX, Ozzie, and many others.  Over the last ten years, the label has built a reputation for discovering great unknown bands, finding hidden underground music scene throughout the world, and digging up obscure and forgotten recordings. 

To celebrate it’s tenth anniversary, S.S. has put together a weekend of music in San Francisco. This is what we have planned:

Thursday, May 19
SS10 City Rock Kick Off Party
w/ Conan & His City Boys live, and the Gypsy Boys spinning City Rock classics.
@ The Knockout, 9 PM, free

Friday, May 20
A Frames**
Hank IV
Charles Albright
w/ dj Mitch Cardwell
@ Bottom of the Hill, 8:30 PM
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Saturday, May 21
Nothing People
Wounded Lion
w/ dj Ryan Wells
@ Bottom of the Hill, 8:30 PM

Sunday, May 22
The Mantles
3 Toed Sloth
+ record swap
@ Hemlock Tavern, 4 PM Swap, 6 PM Show
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*This will be the first & only North American appearance of feedtime. It is the line-up that recorded Shovel, Cooper S, and the first LP, pretty much the definitive feedtime ensemble. 

** This will be the final performance of the A Frames. The line-up for this show is the original A Frames trio.