Liquorball should need no introduction, at least so fans of this label, but I will oblige you anyway. Formed in the 1990s by Grady Runyan, Liquorball turned out a series of records of seriously great psychedelic noise-punk that rivaled only Grady's other band, Monoshock. With Fucks the Sky, Hauls Ass, and Live in Hitler's Bunker, Liquorball unleashed paint peeling sonic fuckery which got tagged as the missing link between Hawkwind and Flipper. After a few years of silence, Liquorball returned with Evolutionary Squalor featuring Steve Mackay of Stooges/Radon Ensemble fame and, most recently, Live Break-n-Run. We are very honored to have Liquorball on SS10. 

Liquorball plays day one of SS10, Friday May 20 at the Bottom of the Hill.