There are several bands that seem to define certain eras and geographical space in the rock & roll underground. feedtime are one of them. Formed in 1979, feedtime pretty much ruled the Outback from the mid 80s until the end of the decade. Their brand of very basic, very loud, very smart rock & roll is one that few can pull off and has earned them legendary status among fanatics of Oz and underground rock. From 1985 to 1989 the band recorded four classic albums for Aberrant and Rough Trade Records, then broke up. They reformed in 1996 with a different drummer to record an album for AmRep and split again. The definitive feedtime line-up, responsible for the aforementioned records, will be making their first trip to the stage since '89 in order to play SS10.  We asked and couldn't believe our luck when they said "Sure." 

feedtime will be playing night two of SS10, Saturday, May 21 at the Bottom of the Hill.


feedtime "Shovel" by S. S. Records