3 Toed Sloth started up in Queensland, Australia as a drink some beers 'n play some music past time by Sharon and Andrew. That was in 1987. After a couple years without a drummer they asked their fave tub man, Tom of feedtime to pound the skins for them. He said, Sure thing, and spent the next four years playing shows. In 1991, they released an album. In '93 they called it quits. They never made it out of Australia so their following was mostly local. But over time, music freaks latched on to their lazy garage punk meets Venom P. Stinger-like sound and in 2010, a German label released a double EP of songs recorded by a friend in 1993. Music fans rejoiced. Sharon and Andrew decided to come across the pond to see their old pal Tom thump it up for feedtime and thought that they might as well make a date of it. So we get a special, unexpected, once in a life time treat! 

3 Toed Sloth will be playing the third day of S S 1 0, Sunday May 22 at the Hemlock Tavern.  

Three Toed Sloth - Hangin' by R.I.P SOCIETY RECORDS